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10,000 Reasons

Matt Redman





Here I am 

to Worship



 How Great 

is Our God

   Chris Tomlin 

 Mike and Lori's Top 10 Best Worship Songs

 About Top 10 Mike and Lori

Mike and Lori are dedicated to Gospel music because it has been part of our very being from childhood to adulthood.  Remembering the church mothers singing their favorite congregational songs as well as hearing our own mothers sing praises to God throughout the day.  We have been inspired, motivated and blessed by Gospel Music.  

We want to share with you Gospel music's motivations, inspirations, and blessings.  You find on this page our original music and the music that have inspired us.  We invite you to come and listen, enjoy, and shop with our sponsors.  Our reason for creating this page was to share love, joy, and hope in Jesus Christ.  

Thanks for listening...Thanks for supporting...Thanks for visiting our site.

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Let's talk about

the Elephant

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 I Can 

Only Imagine

Mercy Me


 I Give Myself Away

William McDowell


I Give 

You My Heart

Hillsong  (Feat. Holly Dawson) 


Mother Dear
James and Mamie's Boy

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What Can

You Face

Because of

Who He IS:


With All I Am



 Our God

Chris Tomlin 


Your Love Never Fails

     Jesus Culture  

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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain have fun. We are excited to be performing  and hope to see you soon at a show –just drop us a line to know more about Mike and Lori.